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Upcoming Events

BATO Partners Workshop:

Nito & Elba Combinations

Date: Saturday, October 21, 2017

Workshop: 10:30AM-1:00PM

BATO Autumn Milonga: 9:00PM-12:00AM

Location: The Lodge

Address: 101 E. 6th St., Bloomington, IN


Nito & Elba have, for over 60 years, built a legacy of excellence in dancing and teaching. Their iconic presence on the dance floor and mastery of the dance is nothing short of legendary.

For the very first time, Elise and Amaury will share with dancers some of Nito & Elba's most refined combinations. 

For 2.5 hours, you will learn "tango liso" combinations of mixed levels of complexity.  We will work with you individually and as a group.  You will have the opportunity to focus on technical aspects of the dance in your respective role and as couples.

Requirement: Attendance with a partner
Level: Intermediate to Advanced

Date: Saturday, October 21, 2017

   10:00am: Registration & Warm Up
   10:30am-1:00pm: Workshop
     9:00pm-12:00am: BATO Autumn Milonga

   "The Lodge" (101 E. 6th St., Bloomington, IN)

Price (cash or check only):
   $35 workshop (milonga admission included)
   $5   milonga only


Master Series Workshop with Nito & Elba Garcia



Summer 2018


Join us as we welcome Nito and Elba back to Bloomington for their third visit in the summer of 2018!


Both Nito and Elba are an iconic tango presence and a couple of the last living milongueros. The New York Times recently published an article about Nito and Elba that highlights how iconic they are to Argentine tango. Check out the article here.


Workshop details forthcoming.



About BATO Workshops

BATO’s Harmony and Balance workshop series provides accelerated dance training on the fundamentals of traditional Argentine Tango (AT). Under BATO's thoughtful consultation, world renowned instructors conduct intensive two-days workshops focused on three topics: musicality, navigation, and centering. While the context of instruction may vary depending on the instructor(s)' pedagogical preference, the instructional focus remains on these three basic skill sets.


The Master Series offers intensive training under the close mentoring of selected dance instructors. AT instructors spend decades mastering specific skill sets and tango style(s) that gradually comes to define their own 'persona' in the AT world. These workshops tap on such specific style(s) and skill set(s) that best define each individual instructor. BATO deeply respects and values the opportunities for musical interpretation available in all tango styles. The Master Series workshops create opportunities for our dancers to share with these instructors their knowledge and passion.  


Past BATO Workshops

2016 Harmony & Balance Workshop with Fabian Salas and Lola Diaz

2015 Master Series Workshop with Nito and Elba Garcia

2014 Master Series Workshop with Nito and Elba Garcia

2014 Master Series Workshop with Brian Griffin

2013 Harmony & Balance Workshop with Jorge Torres

2012 Master Series Workshop with Graciela Gonzalez

2012 Harmony & Balance Workshop with Jorge Torres

2012 Workshop with Brian Griffin and Fay Villanueva

2011 Harmony & Balance Workshop with Jorge Torres

2010 Intensive Workshop with Fernanda Ghi and Guillermo Merlo

2009 Harmony & Balance Workshop with Fernanda Ghi and Guillermo Merlo

2009 A Night at the Milonga Tango Workshop with Florencia Taccetti

2007 Workshop with Brian Griffin and Fay Villanueva